The Importance Of Well-Woman Annual Exams
By J. Gabriel Guajardo, M.D
July 13, 2017
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While we understand that receiving an annual exam may not be at the top of your to-do list, it is important to make sure that you continueWell-Woman Annual Examsto have good health as you age. Your Brownsville, TX gynecologist, Dr. J. Gabriel Guajardo, can provide a well-woman exam that makes sure you maintain your health.

More about Well Woman Annual Exams

Annual gynecological exams are important for many reasons, the most important is to diagnose any abnormalities as early as possible. The sooner one begins treatment, the better your chances of managing or recovering from a condition. By going in for annual exams, you can catch an issue or complication before it has advanced into something more serious.

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, they recommend girls as early as 13 be checked out. However, their exams won’t be comprehensive until most later. Generally, once a woman has menstruated they should be examined regularly. Pelvic exams and pap smears won’t begin till around age 21 unless a woman is sexually active prior to this age. Women are always encouraged to see a Brownsville gynecologist such as Dr. Guajardo sooner than later if they have a concern about their health.

At an annual exam, your health history will be taken as well as measurements and vital signs including height, weight, heart rate, temperature and blood pressure. The doctor will examine your body. Depending on the actual exam, they may examine your breasts feeling for lumps or abnormalities and the pelvis, whether manually or with a Pap Smear.

It is important to find a knowledgeable OB/GYN such as our Brownsville, TX gynecologist, Dr. Guajardo. This is because these annual tests can be invasive and you will want to work with a doctor that you plan to see annually. If you have any questions about the exam, contact our office at 956-350-4821. We can help you to schedule an appointment as well.