What Our Pregnancy Care Can Do for You
By J. Gabriel Guajardo, M.D.
December 05, 2018
Category: Pregnancy Care
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Find out the importance behind visiting us for routine pregnancy checkups.

Once the strip turns pink we know the rush of emotions that you’re experiencing. No matter whether this is your first child or you already have children, finding out you have a new bundle of joy on the way is exciting. Of course, once you find out you’re pregnant it’s important that you have a doctor that you can turn to along the way to make sure both you and your baby are healthy. Here in Brownsville, TX, our OBGYN Dr. J. Gabriel Guajardo provides the comprehensive care you need throughout your pregnancy.

We offer routine pregnancy checkups, as well as individualized and personalized care for women who are dealing with high-risk pregnancies. Our goal as your obstetrician is to make sure that you are getting the proper prenatal care in Brownsville, TX, that you need to experience a healthy and smooth pregnancy.

To do this, the first thing you’ll need to do is schedule an appointment with us as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. During your first prenatal visit, we will go through your medical history and check your vitals (e.g. blood pressure, heart rate, etc). A urine or a blood test will be used to confirm your pregnancy. An ultrasound will allow us to see how far along you are and to determine an approximate due date.

You should have a prenatal visit about every 4 weeks. If you are a high-risk pregnancy then you may need to come in more often. Once you reach month 7, you will come in every two weeks for checkups. During the last month of your pregnancy, you’ll come in once a week.

Each checkup will allow us to monitor the health and development of your unborn baby while also performing the proper tests to make sure that if there is something going on with your health or the health of your baby that the issue is treated right away.

Some of the prenatal services we offer include:

  • Routine lab testing
  • Prenatal ultrasounds
  • Extensive genetic consulting
  • Amniocentesis testing

We also provide a variety of ways to manage your specific high-risk pregnancy no matter the cause. Factors that contribute to a high-risk pregnancy include:

  • Cervical insufficiency
  • Placental issues
  • Twins or multiple births
  • Prior preterm delivery
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Pre-existing diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • High blood pressure (preeclampsia or hypertension)

We are also here to answer any questions you might have about your pregnancy, from you what foods you shouldn’t consume to leading a healthy lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to ask us anything!

Do you think you might be pregnant? Are you looking for an obstetrician who will listen to your needs and provide you with trustworthy care in Brownsville, TX? If so, call our OBGYN office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Guajardo.