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By J. Gabriel Guajardo, M.D.
June 19, 2020

Find out when you may want to speak with an OB/GYN about your fertility options.

Are you and your partner having trouble getting pregnant? No matter whether you’ve been trying for about a year or you are trying a bit later in life, there are many reasons why a couple may choose to come into our office to undergo a fertility evaluation from our Brownsville, TX, OBGYN Dr. Gabriel Guajardo. This evaluation can often pinpoint the reason or reasons why you are having trouble getting pregnant.

What does a fertility evaluation entail?

Many people who come into our office are concerned about not getting pregnant. These evaluations can shed light and often ease concerns that a couple may have regarding fertility. Some factors that we will need to consider when evaluating a woman’s fertility include her age and physical health.

A fertility evaluation will include time spent talking with the doctor and going through your medical history, as well as a comprehensive medical exam and any testing required to check the health and function of the reproductive system. Once our Brownsville, TX, OB/GYN is able to find out what’s going on, he can develop a custom fertility treatment plan.

When should I consider a fertility evaluation?

Getting pregnant can take time, and you don’t need to rush into our office if you’ve only been trying for a couple of months; however, if you haven’t gotten pregnant within one year of actively trying or if you’re over 35 years old and haven’t gotten pregnant within six months of trying it’s a good idea to see an OBGYN for an evaluation.

What are my infertility treatment options?

This is something that your doctor can discuss more in-depth with you during your evaluation. The treatment options available to you will depend on the root cause of infertility. Common forms of infertility treatment include,

  • Fertility medications (prescribed to women who don’t ovulate regularly)
  • Hormone injections
  • Surgery (to treat blockages or other damage to the reproductive organs)
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Want to discuss your fertility treatment options with our Brownsville, TX, team? If so, call our office today at (956) 350-4821 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gabriel Guajardo.