Fertility Evaluation and Infertility Treatment

EvaluationInfertility is the inability to conceive after regular, unprotected sex for a year. Women over 35 have a shorter cycle, six months. Infertility may originate with men, women, or both.

  • Men's Infertility: This may be a result of low sperm count, sperm damage, or varicocele, a malformation vein in the scrotum. There are several issues that contribute to infertility in men: smoking, alcohol, drug use, obesity, untreated sexually transmitted infections, certain medicine, and medical treatments.
  • Women's Infertility: Women may have problems their ovaries or uterus, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids, as well as many of the contributing issues men suffer from. Irregular periods, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, an obstructed fallopian tube, history of miscarriages, and a hormone imbalance indicate a woman may have fertility issues and needs an evaluation.

Fertility Treatments:

Your physician will want to know more about your family history and your partner’s medical history. He will talk to you about which treatment options you're more comfortable with.

Dr. J. Gabriel Guajardo offers his Brownsville patients several treatment options:

1. You're given a basic screening: ­

  • physical exams
  • sperm studies
  • ovulation tests
  • ultrasounds
  • blood tests
  • pelvic ultrasound and exam
  • a uterine lining biopsy

2. Analysis of these tests and make recommendations:

  • increasing sexual activity
  • medication
  • surgery

Treatment success rates vary from one couple to another and associated risk factors. Other treatment options include:

  • assisted conception
  • medical procedures
  • medicine or fertility drugs
  • in vitro fertilization and use of donor eggs

Dr. J. Gabriel Guajardo understands the frustration that comes with infertility. You need to speak with a physician if you've been trying to get pregnant for about a year. Understanding what kind of fertility care you and your partner need is of the utmost important. Make sure you contact your Brownsville, TX, OBGYN today. Call today at (956) 350-4821 to schedule your evaluation.

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