In-Office Procedures

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  1. Colposcopy – Closer evaluation of the cervix with aid of stereoscope. Often times biopsies are performed concomitantly.
  2. LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure) – Treatment of abnormal paps through the removal of the affected portion of the cervix.
  3. Intrauterine Device Placement – Paragard IUD and Mirena IUD Long term reversible contraception that acts as an alternative to permanent sterilization.
    • Heavy menstrual bleeding
    • Intermenstural bleeding
    • Postcoital bleeding
    • Delayed menses
    • Frequent menses
  4. Sonohysterography  - Visualization of the uterine cavity via ultrasound as a sterile fluid is injected through a pipelle.
  5. Amniocentesis – Fluid is obtained from the amniotic sac with a needle under ultrasound guidance.
  6. Implanon - Long term (3 year) reversible contraception that is implanted under the skin in the inner aspect of one’s arm.|
  7. Vaccines –
    • Gardasil – effective against HPV, the responsible for abnormal paps
    • Flu
  8. Endometrial ablation – Different approaches available whereby the endometrial  lining is inactivated thereby minimizing or eliminating continued menstrual flow. Her Option Cryoablative approach now being offered in our office.
  9. Nexplanon Insertion and Removal – Subdermal implant that provides 3 years of continuous contraception
  10. Artificial Insemination

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