Minimally Invasive Surgery

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  1. Laparoscopy – Either for diagnosis or treatment of underlying disorders such as endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, ovarian cysts/masses, and infertility. Also for sterilization if desired.
  2. Hysteroscopy  - Allow for direct visualization of the uterine cavity for diagnosis or treatment of con additions such as heavy menstrual bleeding, intrauterine fibroids, and endometrial polyps.
  3. Endometrial ablation – Different approaches available whereby the endometrial  lining is inactivated thereby minimizing or eliminating continued menstrual flow. Her Option Cryoablative approach now being offered in our office.
  4. Sling Placement – Treatment of stress urinary incontinence (leaking with coughing, laughing, etc.) by placement or a permanent support through the vagina.
  5. Essure – Alternative approach of sterilization done through a hystero scope thus eliminating scars. Requires a follow-up hysterosalpingogram.
  6. D & C – Traditional approach to temporary treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding unresponsive to medical management in additional to resolvement  of incomplete miscarriages resulting in heavy bleeding.

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