Robotic Hysterectomy

Robotic Hysterectomy in Brownsville, Harlingen, TX

If you are dealing with abnormal vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, endometriosis, or other uterine issues, your gynecologist may recommend a partial or complete hysterectomy. This surgical procedure, performed by our gynecologist, removes the uterus or both the uterus and the cervix. A robotic hysterectomy makes it possible for patients who may not otherwise be ideal candidates for a traditional vaginal hysterectomy to get the treatment they need to alleviate their symptoms.

Is a Robotic Hysterectomy Right for Me?

In most cases, many chronic or persistent gynecological conditions and disorders can be managed through non-surgical treatment options; however, if you are dealing with issues that aren’t responding to treatment then our gynecologist Dr. Guajardo may recommend surgery. You may require robotic hysterectomy if you are dealing with,

    • Cancerous or non-cancerous tumors
    • Chronic uterine bleeding
    • Chronic abdominal pain
    • Uterine prolapse
    • Severe endometriosis

What Should I Expect from a Robotic Hysterectomy?

A robotic hysterectomy offers some unique advantages over a traditional abdominal hysterectomy. Robotic technology makes it possible to perform the procedure laparoscopically, which means much smaller incisions, a shorter recovery time, a lower risk for complications, reduced post-surgical pain, and a quicker hospital stay. A robotic-assisted hysterectomy is safe and far less invasive than traditional surgical measures, making it an ideal option for many women who need to undergo a hysterectomy.

A robotic hysterectomy is performed under general anesthesia so you will be asleep throughout the procedure. Surgery can take several hours (usually between 3-4 hours). Three or four small incisions are made in the abdomen and surgical tools are attached to the robotic arm, which is then controlled by your surgeon.

Due to the nature of this procedure, you will need to stay in the hospital for a few days before you can go home. Your doctor will also provide you with detailed instructions for how to properly care for your dressings, as well as the “dos and don’ts” post-surgery to ensure effective and complication-free healing. Since robotic hysterectomies are far less invasive than traditional abdominal hysterectomies, most women make a full recovery within 3-4 weeks.

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