Let Us Guide You Through Your Pregnancy
By J. Gabriel Guajardo, M.D.
October 21, 2020
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Being pregnant is both equally exciting and confusing at the same time, especially for first-time moms. Working closely with your OBGYN here at J. Gabriel Guajardo, M.D. in Brownsville, TX, Dr. J. Gabriel Guajardo and knowing what you can expect throughout your pregnancy journey will help you be more prepared for what lies ahead.

Your 1st Trimester of Pregnancy

The first couple of months of your pregnancy involve rapid changes for you and your little one. For you, these may include nausea, fatigue, and breast tenderness. You may likewise feel excited and both anxious at times. For your little one, the organs, spinal cord, heart, and brain starts to develop. Your little one’s toes and fingers may even start to take shape.

Your 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

During the four to six months of your pregnancy, you’ll probably (of hopefully) feel much better than the first several months. It’s during these months that your little one starts to feel more real than ever. You baby might be able to hear and move at this point. By the 20th week, you’re almost halfway into your journey and you may be experiencing changes to your skin, a rapidly growing belly, and even bigger breasts.

Routine checkups with your OBGYN in Brownsville, TX, remain immensely crucial at this point in your pregnancy. If you have any concerns or questions, at all, even if you think it’s not important or just silly, don’t hesitate to relay them to Dr. Guajardo.

Your 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy

During these last couple of months, expect to undergo significant emotional and physical changes. Because of all the rapid changes that you have been going through these past months, plus the heartburn and backaches common during the third trimester, you may also feel increasingly anxious and just ready to give birth. As for your baby, she or he might be opening and closing her or his eyes and packing on the weight, causing more intense movements.

Keep in mind that you can do a lot to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy. Depending on the exact nature of your pregnancy, you may be meeting with your OBGYN more frequently for checkups. As the big day approaches, don’t hesitate to ask questions and educating yourself.

If You Have Any Questions or Concerns About Your Pregnancy, Talk to Us

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